Alumni Seminar 2015


  1. Mahendra K. Duta
    • Director P.T. Anantara Resources (multi-industry investment corporation: oil & gas, infrastructure, digital infrastructure & services, logistics, and oil tools fabrication)
  2. Katalijne Ritsema-van Eck
    • Manager for the Human Capital Department at Deloitte Consulting

Dutch participants:

  1. Clarine Corstens
    • Educational psychologist
    • Coöordinator clinic for youth psychiatry
  2. Katherine Diaz
    • Medical anthropologist and sociologist.
    • Project manager Amsterdam directed at the Top600 career criminals of Amsterdam.
  3. Mea Dols
    • Actress and cineast
  4. Julia Rijssenbeek
    • Master student philosophy and economics
  5. Naomi Sedney
    • Brand manager, Area manager, Marketing Manager at Heineken
  6. Job Harms
    • PhD candidate Erasmus University, behavioral and development economics A.o. agricultural services Malawi, SME support Indonesia and Bangladesh, fair trade gold in Ghana
  7. Matthijs de Jong
    • Deloitte Consultant, public policy and culture transitions.
  8. Koerd de Jongh
    • Ziggo Manager Network and Services Development
  9. Rennie Roos
    • Founder & Chair Board of Trustees Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS)
    • Founder & Owner of Asia Consulting
  10. Fleur van Dam – Hertzberger
    • Senior policy advisor for the (national) public prosecutor’s office (Functioneel Parket in Amsterdam)

Indonesian participants:

  1. Yuli Nugrahani
    • Board member at the Commission for Justice Peace and the Pastoral Care of Migrants, the Indonesia Bishops’ Conference and Diocese of Tanjungkarang Facilitator at Kampoeng Jerami Community
  2. Ferdian Suprata
    • Program Coordinator Living Labs, Nuffic Nesso, Jakarta
  3. Ahmad Arif
    • Journalist, researcher, and books writer
  4. Rahtika Diana
    • Director PT Radixa Mondia
    • Lecturer – specialize in Tourism, Pschology, Tourism & Consumer Behavior
  5. Denni Puspa Purbasari
    • Lecturer at Faculty of Economy, Gajah Mada University, Jogjakarta
    • Former assistant for Vice President’s special staff
  6. Valerie Selvi Sinaga
    • Associate Professor at Faculty of Law, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta
  7. Yosef Djakababa,
    • Director and co-founder, Center for Southeast Asian Studies Indonesia (CSEASI)
    • Semi-full time Lecturer at International Relations Faculty of Social and Political Science, School of Government and Global Affairs, Pelita Harapan University, Karawaci, Banten
  8. Irina Rafliana
    • Public Education & Science Communication Officer, Community Preparedness Program, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI – Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia )