Alumni Student Scholarships 2015

Michelle Hetem

Field of study:
Management of Cultural Diversity
Faculty of Humanities, Tilburg University

Managing ethnic diversity in a multinational organization. The perception on the influence of ethnic diversity on individual and team performance of employees in FrieslandCampina Jakarta


Daan Schoofs

Field of study:
Public Administration / Administration & Politics
Tilburg University

Thesis (click title to open/download the thesis):

The development of Indonesian national democratic institutions and compatibility with its national culture


Patrisius Wisnu Wardono (1985)

Field of study:
Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia

Thesis (click title to open/download the thesis):
The antecedent factors on E-loyalty affecting the Generation Y in E-commerce


Paul Weiss (1990)

Field of study:
Master of science, Strategic Management, Department of Management,
Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg University

Thesis (click title to open/download the thesis):
Entrepreneurial Intentions among Dutch and Indonesian university students