Webinar Invitation: Praktik Baik Kembali ke Sekolah di Masa Pandemi”

We are excited to inform you that after our well-attended webinar on Mental Health with Maria Angela (IL19) & Natalina Sangapta (S17) we are now proudly presenting:

“Praktik Baik Kembali ke Sekolah di Masa Pandemi”
(Good practices for returning to school during a pandemic)

A sharing session with: Mr. Gunar Yadi, the Vice Principal of the Indonesian School in the Netherlands.

On Thursday 16 July, 18:30 WIB (13:30 NL Time), together with REFO Indonesia we invite you to join a sharing session with Pak Gun, who will share his insights and experiences on teaching and running the Indonesian school in the Netherlands during the Covid-19 outbreak.

During a one-hour sharing session in Bahasa Indonesia we aim to reach Indonesian teachers throughout the archipelago. In order to reach that goal, we are teaming up with REFO Indonesia to expend our reach and also attract teachers in East-Indonesia, the region where the late Pak Frans was born.

By inviting Pak Gun, we believe that we can connect Indonesia to the Netherlands while informing Indonesian educators about the best practices from an Indonesian school in a different Covid-19 context. Since teachers in Indonesia are using the same curriculum as Pak Gun in the Netherlands, the target audience and speaker will easily relate to one another despite teaching 10.000 miles apart from each other.

Our initial thought of connecting Dutch and Indonesian educators to each other, we had to put on hold for the time being because in the Netherlands, teachers are already, or will go on summer holiday this week. Perhaps after the summer holiday we will further explore this idea.

On Thursday 16 July at 18:30 WIB you can join the sharing session on Youtube via: https://bit.ly/sekolahpandemi

Stay safe & healthy!
Warm wishes,
Frans Seda Foundation