Meet the Fellows!

We are excited to inform you that we are starting with a new initiative to stay connected with our fellows! Every 3 weeks, we aim to put the spotlight on one of our fellows by interviewing them on our social media channels. By doing so, we aim to introduce fellows from different programs to each other, while learning about their expertise and FSF experience.

Since many of our fellows share common goals, values and passion, we hope this initiative will ignite new friendships and create an even warmer bond between our fellows. The interviews will be conducted by Okki Sutanto & Myrthe de Vlieger who both joined our Twin Scholarship program in 2016.

On Saturday 12 September, we will start the interview series, which we have called: “MEET THE FELLOWS” with our two interviewers: Myrthe & Okki!

They will talk about the FSF program they participated in, how the program made an impact on their lives and about how they are doing at the moment.

You can follow the live interview session on Saturday via:

Should you have any questions for Myrthe or Okki, simply DM us on Instagram or drop your comment in the comment section!

Thank you and see ya there!