Meet our Fellows

Frans Seda Fellows are talented young Dutch and Indonesian leaders who have succesfully participated in our Innovation Lab or Twin Scholarship program. Below you will find a list with all Frans Seda Fellows. The names of the Fellows are in alphabetical order and include their FSF program and job title or thesis title. You can access their LinkedIn Profile by clicking on their name.

Abellia Anggi Wardani (TS14) – Rain does not fall for one roof alone.  A qualitative study on community formation in an ethnically diverse community of Bukit Duri.

Adrianus Leftungun (FSFS14) – General practitioner at Hative Hospital (Memorial of otto kuyk), Ambon, Indonesia

Agustinus Heri Wibowo (TS18) – Restorative Justice Dalam Sistem Peradilan Pidana Anak Di Indonesia Dan Belanda

Ahmad Arif (FSFS15) – Journalist, researcher, and books writer

Andhika Rutten (FSFS16) – Chairman INYS-Nederland & Organizational Development and Recruiter at Fairphone B.V

Andrew Ardianto (FSFS16) – President Director of John Robert Powers Indonesia

Anindita Sitepu (FSFS16) – Program Director at Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI), Jakarta

Annemarie (J.M.) Hinten-Nooijen (FSFS14) – Head of the Academic Forum, a department that organizes interdisciplinary conferences, lectures, workshops etc. about current societal questions at Tilburg University

Annemarie Sterk (FSFS16) – Journalist & temporary correspondent for Indonesia at NRC Media

Annissa van der Vusse (TS14) – Managing religious diversity for the sake of social harmony. Maarif Institute – an Indonesian example

Antony Lee (FSFS16) – Journalist at Kompas Daily

Ari Purnama (IL19) – Communications Advisor, the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen

Arvin Slagter (FSFS16) – Professional Basketball Player at SPM Shoeters & Captain Dutch National Team

Benedictus Hari Juliawan (FSFS16) – Coordinator of social ministries of the Jesuits in Asia Pacific

Boudewijn Seijn (FSFS15 & FSFS16) – Teamleider logistics Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer

Charlotte Verburg (IL19) – Sustainability Expert at Twente University

Christanti Gomulia (FSFS14) – Founder, Principal, Teachers’ Trainer at BESTARI UTAMI Primary School (SD BESTARI UTAMI), Garut, West Java. 2012 Frans Seda Award in Education

Clarine Corstens (FSFS15) – Educational psychologist. Coöordinator clinic for youth psychiatry

Daan Schoofs (TS15) – The development of Indonesian national democratic institutions and compatibility with its national culture

Dave Ensberg-Kleijkers (FSFS16) -Chairman Executive Board at Stichting Biezonderwijs

Denni Puspa Purbasari (FSFS15) – Lecturer at Faculty of Economy, Gajah Mada University, Jogjakarta. Former assistant for Vice President’s special staff

Dimple Sokartara (FSFS16) – Communications Manager at EGI Foundation

Dyah Catur Wahyunintyas (FSFS14) – East Kalimantan Representative for Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Eric Sumartono Darmanto (FSFS16) – Senior Advisor, Deputy III – Strategic Economic Issues Management, Executive Office of the President, Republic of Indonesia. His portfolio includes Economics Diplomacy, Business Economics, Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding Indonesia.

Estefan Nicholas Looho (FSFS16) – Digital Marketing Lead at PT. Autojaya Ideteach & PT. Solusi Periferal

Eva Neggers (TS18) – The Next Step in Global Access and Benefit Sharing of Genetic Resources: DNA Sequencing, Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Ferdian Suprata (FSFS15) – Program Coordinator Living Labs, Nuffic Nesso, Jakarta

Ferlin Yoswara (FSFS16) – CEO of Market Your Jewelry

Fleur van Dam – Hertzberger (FSFS14 & FSFS15) – Senior policy advisor for the (national) public prosecutor’s office (Functioneel Parket in Amsterdam)

Gatot Pujo Tamtama (TS14) – Still in progress       

Gilbert Paul Curtessi (FSFS14) – Business development Director at Transmare / EnergyTransformers

Hadi Widianto (FSFS14) – Executive Director for Sejahtera Nusa Jenggala Foundation A.K.A “Indonesia Setara” – a foundation with vision to build better Indonesia by synergize and promoting collaborative action

Haryani Primanti (TS16) – Journal – Cryptic Marketing: Analysis of Impact in an Unfriendly Market

Haryani Primanti (TS16) – Thesis – Pengaruh Cryptic Marketing Terhadap Brand Attitude

Heleen Elferink (FSFS14) – Director Network and service development at Ziggo, Utrecht

I.G.M. Wibawa Jati Kusuma (FSFS16) – Head of Business Transformation & Sales – Public Sector, Philip Indonesia, Jakarta

Indira Permanasari (FSFS16) – Editor in Feature Desk  at KOMPAS daily  (print media/newspaper), Jakarta

Indro Adinugroho (FSFS16) – Head of Strategic Planning Unit at Atma Jaya Catholic University

Inra Sumahamijaya (IL19) – Director at Indonesian Startup Ecosystem Builder

Irene W.N. Sugiharto (FSFS16, FSFS17 & IL19) – Independent HR Consultant specializing in Competency Development and Assessment.Collaborating in partnership to establish ISP Consulting in partnership with The University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom for Lumina Learning product

Irina Rafliana (FSFS14 & FSFS15) – Public Education & Science Communication Officer, Community Preparedness Program, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI – Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia )

Irna Susrianti (IL19) – Economic Expert at Bappeda Aceh (Regional Development Planning Agency)

Jasper van den Driest (FSFS16) – Interim Managing Director at TRADESPARENT

Jauharul Anwar (TS14) – Still in progress

Job Harms (FSFS15) – PhD candidate Erasmus University, behavioral and development economics A.o. agricultural services Malawi, SME support Indonesia and Bangladesh, fair trade gold in Ghana

Johan Gille (FSFS14) – Ecorys Nederland BV; research & consulting firm mainly working for public clients (national, regional, local government, international institutions)

Johanna Daunan (IL19) – Group Marketing Head at Semen Indonesia

Joost Baak (FSFS14) – Program manager Strategy & Policy NPO (Dutch public broadcasting), Hilversum, Netherlands

Jordi van Eert (TS19) – The Financial Impact of Microfinance on Female Owned Micro-Enterprises: Evidence from Indonesia

Joris Deelen (FSFS16) – Postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Germany

Julia Rijssenbeek (FSFS15) – Master student philosophy and economics

Karen Jonkers (FSFS16) – Director of bureau C-REALIST. Designer and moderator of social processes, workshops and events that lead to people-planet and prosperity.

Katalijne Ritsema-van Eck (FSFS14 & FSFS15) – Manager for the Human Capital Department at Deloitte Consulting

Katherine Diaz (FSFS15) – Medical anthropologist and sociologist.Project manager Amsterdam directed at the Top600 career criminals of Amsterdam.

Kevin Kristian Rustandi (FSFS16) – Assistant Lecturere at Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta

Koerd de Jongh (FSFS15) – Ziggo Manager Network and Services Development

Lara Peeters (IL19) – (Online) Communication Specialist at RVO & Social Entrepreneur at LARAS Bags

Larasita Putri Walian (TS14) – Community development of foreign direct investment in coal mining. Legal and social change perspective

Leonardus Dewa Hardana (TS19) – Still in progress

Lisa Esti Puji Hartanti (FSFS16) – Lecturer at School of Communication, Atma Jaya Catholic University

Mahendra K. Duta (FSFS15 & FSFS16) – Director P.T. Anantara Resources (multi-industry investment corporation: oil & gas, infrastructure, digital infrastructure & services, logistics, and oil tools fabrication)

Mahmudi Mukh Imron Ali (TS19) – Still in progress

Manon Bijl (TS19) – Still in progress

Maria Angela (IL19) – Early Childhood Educator, Trainer & Consultant at Sekolah Harapan Bangsa

Marije Lameris (FSFS16) – Product Manager Innovation (global) at Bugaboo HQ

Marijke Braakman (TS18) – What Indonesia and the Netherlands can learn from each other in the work environment: The role of Leadership, Employee well-being, and Perceived inclusion.

Marjolein van Page (FSFS16) – Photographer & Publicist

Matthijs de Jong (FSFS15) – Deloitte Consultant, public policy and culture transitions.

Mea Dols (FSFS15) – Actress and cineast

Melissa van der Meijden (TS18) – Managing dual roles: The challenges of a sex worker mother

Michele Everdina F. Maria Hetem (TS15) – Managing ethnic diversity in a multinational organization. The perception on the influence of ethnic diversity on individual and team performance of employees in FrieslandCampina Jakarta

Mohammed Jâouna (FSFS16) – Founder, Trainer, Coach and Connector at Changemakerz©

Mukta Henning (FSFS16) – Police Officer, National Police

Myrthe de Vlieger (TS16) – Indonesia’s Religious Diversity Management in Education , A case study addressing the possible freedom of religion for the indigenous Nuaulu pupils attending the Junior High School SMP Negeri 6 Amahai at Seram Island, Indonesia.

Nadia Yovani (FSFS14) – Lecturer in FISIP University of Indonesia in department of sociology. Head of Training and Seminar DIVISION in Center for Japanese Studies-University of Indonesia

Nadine De Vogel (IL19) – Communication Advisor & Community Manager at KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Najima Khan (IL19) – Lawyer | Attorney at Law at Adriaanse van der Weel Advocaten

Nanya Burki (FSFS16) – Head of Development & Cooperation at Nuffic Neso Indonesia

Naomi Sedney (FSFS15) – Brand manager, Area manager, Marketing Manager at Heineken

Natalina Sangapta Peranginangin  (FSFS16) – Deputy Director HROD at SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia

Natascha Abdoel (IL19) –  Senior Financial Coach | Ynnovator, Confidential Advisor at the Municipality of The Hague

Nathan Spiro (TS17) – Progressive Islam and Majelis Ulama Indonesia: Progressive Islamic perceptions on religious diversity management by an Indonesian religious council.

Ni Made Purnamasari (TS15) – Transformasi Peran Sekaa Gamelan: Studi Kasus Perubahan Sosial Budaya Di Bali

Noa Lodeizen (FSFS16) – Founder Young in Prison

Novia Fridayanti (TS17) – The Power Of Batti-Batti: Musik Tradisi Sebagai Media Resistensi Masyarakat Selayar

Nurul Khansa Fauziyah (TS17) – Strategi Memilih Organisasi Non-Partai Dalam Kampanye Pemilihan Umum (Studi Kasus: Anggota  Organisasi Teman Ahok Menuju Pilkada Dki Jakarta 2017)

Okki Sutanto (TS16) – Makna Kewirausahaan pada Etnis Jawa, Minang, dan Tionghoa di Indonesia

Olivia Herlinda (IL19) – Project Manager at Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives

Olivia Marzuki  (FSFS16) – News Anchor at CNN Indonesia

Oscar de Grave (FSFS16) – Partner at (&) So Weiter VOF

Patrick Kalona (FSFS15 & FSFS16) – Director at Phytochemindo Reksa

Patrisius Wisnu Wardono (TS15) – The antecedent factors on E-loyalty affecting the Generation Y in E-commerce

Paul van Trigt (FSFS14) – Lecturer Contemporary History VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and visiting scholar at the KU Leuven (Belgium)

Paul Weiss (TS15) – Entrepreneurial Intentions among Dutch and Indonesian university studentss

Rachida el Hessaini  (FSFS16) – Senior advisor Radicalisation and Terrorism at the City of Amsterdam

Rahtika Diana (FSFS15) – Director PT Radixa Mondia. Lecturer – specialize in Tourism, Pschology, Tourism & Consumer Behavior

Ralph Nass (FSFS14) – Sales Manager Benelux, SMB Sales at Google, Dublin,

Rennie Roos (FSFS15) – Founder & Chair Board of Trustees Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS). Founder & Owner of Asia Consulting

Reynold Rudyismanto Pasaribu (TS17) – Kebijakan Bagi Industri Batik Di Indonesia Untuk Memperoleh Ekolabel Uni Eropa (Eu-Ecolabel)

Ririe Lantari Eryanto (TS15) – Journal – Law of Worker with Disability

Ririe Lantari Eryanto (TS15) – Thesis – Perlindungan Pekerja Disabilitas Menurut Hukum Ketenagakerjaan

Roel Reijgersberg (IL19) – Product Offer Advisor at ExxonMobil

Rosalia Vindyawati (TS19) – Still in progress

Rowena Achterkamp (IL19) – Independent Researcher & Consultant at RWN Advisory

Rutger Beekman (FSFS14) – Ecorys Netherlands (an economic research and consultancy firm based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam) with speciality in sustainable mobility

Saskia Ruijsink (FSFS16) – PhD candidate at the faculty of social science of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam; key words: urban planning, urban development, urban change, place-making, self-organisation, chance, serendipity, unpredictability, smart city and (social) innovation.

Savic Ali (FSFS16) – Founder & Editor at

Septa Dinata AS (TS18) – Still in progress

 Shasa Chairunnisa Cakra (TS19) – Journal – Changes In Fishermen’s Activities After The Construction Of Afsluitdijk (Case Study: Fishermen In Urk, Flevoland Province, The Netherlands)

Shasa Chairunnisa Cakra (TS19) – Thesis – Perubahan Kondisi Ekologi Dan Ekonomi Nelayan Sero Dan Sondong Setelah Reklamasi Di Kamal Muara, Jakarta Utara

Siprianus Bate Soro (FSFS14) – UNDP Programme Manager for Post-Crisis Recovery

Stanley Saputra (IL19) – Head of Program at doctorSHARE / Yayasan Dokter Peduli

Susanne Heukensfeldt Jansen (FSFS16) – Chair of the Advisory Board at the Association for Development Cooperation

Suwarni Wijaya Halim (TS16) – Meaning-oriented assessment: an analysis of its inter-rater reliability, strengths, and weaknesses

Sylvester Wali (FSFS16) – Business Development & Marketing Director and International Liaison Partner at BDO Indonesia

Tara van Dijk (FSFS16) – Lecturer Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands

Thiëmo Heilbron (FSFS16) – Founder & Director Fawaka Entrepeneurship School

Tias Wahyu (IL19) – Senior Manager, Alumni and Communications at Australia Awards in Indonesia

Valerie Selvi Sinaga (FSFS15) – Associate Professor at Faculty of Law, Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Jakarta

Veronique Hellwig (TS18) – Managing pluralism within religious diversity: A study in an Indonesian Sufi pesantren

Very Aziz (FSFS14) – Director for Students Affairs, Paramadina University, Jakarta. Lecturer in The Department of International Relations, Paramadina University

Willem Turpijn (FSFS15, FSFS16, FSFS17 & IL19) – Professional Writer & Editor, Vice-Chairman of the Archdiocese of Jakarta Youth Commission, Co-Founder & Chairman Peziarah Katolik, Former YOUCAT Missionary, and Former Executive Secretary at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Wouter van ‘t Hoff (IL19) – Sustainability Strategy & Reporting Specialist at Rabobank

Yanti (FSFS14) – Lecturer at Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Biotechnology, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta. Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Yanwei Yang (TS17) – The Chinese study program as a tool to reflect social dynamics among the Chinese learning students in Universitas Indonesia

Yohanes I Wayan Marianta (FSFS16) – Catholic Priest. Lecturer at Widya Sasana College of Philosophy and Theology, Malang. PhD candidate at Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia, Jakarta

Yosef Djakababa (FSFS14 & FSFS15) – Director and co-founder, Center for Southeast Asian Studies Indonesia (CSEASI). Semi-full time Lecturer at International Relations Faculty of Social and Political Science, School of Government and Global Affairs, Pelita Harapan University, Karawaci, Banten

Yuli Nugrahani (FSFS15) – Board member at the Commission for Justice Peace and the Pastoral Care of Migrants, the Indonesia Bishops’ Conference and Diocese of Tanjungkarang Facilitator at Kampoeng Jerami Community