2017 FSF Twin Scholarship Programme kicks off in Jakarta with eco friendly Batik, Fatwa issuance & Bati-Bati Music

2017-04-08 - Frans Seda Foundation - Twin Scholarship Meeting - 2Today, on the 8th of April, all Frans Seda Twin-Scholarship students, including myself, came together in order to be prepared for our research abroad. Firstly Rennie Roos, who organized the event, introduced us to the program of the day, after which dr. Mikhael Dua spoke some warm welcoming words to us.

Both Yanwei and I, students from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, just arrived in Jakarta. For us this meeting helped to get settled in Jakarta and get feedback on our research plans from several (Indonesian) perspectives. For our Indonesian counterparts Reynold, Nurul and Novia, who will carry out their research in the Netherlands, the meeting also functioned as a preparation for their time in the Netherlands. Alumni Haryani, Suwarni and Okki were also present to talk about their time in the Netherlands and to give some very practical and useful tips that even I as a Dutch guy living in Tilburg, could not have thought of.

2017-04-08 - Frans Seda Foundation - Twin Scholarship Meeting - 3All in all it was a great experience to share our research ideas and topics and see if we can help each other out. The range of research topics that came along are just as diverse as the people carrying out the researches. From Eco friendly batiks (traditional clothing) to the potential role of Teman Ahok as supporting organization to the electorial process of Ahok in comparison with supporting organizations in the Netherlands. Other topics that will be researched relate to the Chinese learning program at the University of Indonesia, the view of liberal and moderate Islamic youth networks on Fatwa issuance in Indonesia and the preservation of traditional Bati’-Bati’ music and culture in modern society in South-Sulawesi.

The whole day was very welcoming and made me even more excited to start. The tasty Gado-gado lunch that we finished the day with was the perfect icing on the cake.

Nathan Spiro

Jakarta, 8 April 2017