Yanwei Yang: Indonesia: A turning point

As an Asian myself, I barely had dreamt that much about Asia before I came to the Netherlands for further study. I had always dreamt of living in Europe, which seemed to be a place where I can find my dream and realize that. However, under the influence of my friends here in the Netherlands, who were always talking about Asia, I gradually realized that there must be some mystery about it. And also because of my program, management of cultural diversity, it’s necessary for me to explore more about the culture if I want to have more reflections about the program. Combining all these factors, I finally chose Indonesia to conduct my master thesis research. The reasons why I say it is my turning point are that I have become more open-minded and I am more positive. As what I said before, my focus was only in the western world, where I thought I could experience more differences and improve myself more. Nevertheless, the Indonesia trip has broadened my mindset. I have realized that the world is so big and life can be so interesting.

2017-11-27 - Frans Seda Foundation - Twin Scholarship 2017 - Yanwei Yang - 1Even though Indonesia and China in some ways are sharing some cultures, there are still quite a lot of differences. Everyone seems so happy and has not that much to worry about. Everyone is so patient and would love to help you. Before I left for Indonesia, to be honest I was a little bit worried, after all it was my first time to be there. But on the other hand, I believed I would be okay and I was not alone there since I had already made friends from there. Khansa (the twin scholarship student from Indonesia) had kept talking to me for a while before I came to Indonesia. She gave me so much helpful information. She and Via (another twin scholarship student) helped me look for rooms before I arrived to make sure everything was ready.

2017-11-27 - Frans Seda Foundation - Twin Scholarship 2017 - Yanwei Yang - 2When I arrived, Khansa came to the airport to pick me up and afterwards she asked one friend to recommend me a new place to stay. They introduced their friends to me and soon I had made more new friends. And I soon got my research contact person from friends’ help. I started my research so smoothly. During which, I had great talks with my research participants. Everything went so well with the help of my Indonesian friends! They were so great company to me and they really made me feel happy! I am very grateful to have the chance to stay there for two months. During the stay, I had great reflections about life and the society. I become more positive and happier. I become the person I wanted to be because of this two-month valuable experience. I did regret that I didn’t plan to stay longer. Now I am in The Netherlands again. I would recall the nice memories there from time to time and it would refill my mindset. I just finished my master and a new life chapter has started. Time passes but I will always proceed with the positive spirit, which I have acquired from my Indonesia trip! I am so grateful that Frans Seda Foundation has offered me such a chance to explore Indonesia and it has changed my life so much.

Yanwei Yang, 2017 Frans Seda Foundation Twin Scholarship Student