Alumni Seminar 2016


  1. Mahendra K. Duta
    • Director P.T. Anantara Resources (multi-industry investment corporation: oil & gas, infrastructure, digital infrastructure & services, logistics, and oil tools fabrication)
  2. Karen Jonkers
    • Director of bureau C-REALIST. Designer and moderator of social processes, workshops and events that lead to people-planet and prosperity.

Dutch participants:

  1. Marjolein van Page
    • Photographer & Publicist
  2. Noa Lodeizen
    • Founder Young in Prison
  3. Mukta Henning
    • Police Officer, National Police
  4. Boudewijn Seijn
    • Teamleider logistics Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer
  5. Andhika Rutten
    • Chairman INYS-Nederland & Organizational Development and Recruiter at Fairphone B.V
  6. Jasper van den Driest
    • Interim Managing Director at TRADESPARENT
  7. Saskia Ruijsink
    • PhD candidate at the faculty of social science of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam; key words: urban planning, urban development, urban change, place-making, self-organisation, chance, serendipity, unpredictability, smart city and (social) innovation.
  8. Arvin Slagter
    • Professional Basketball Player at SPM Shoeters & Captain Dutch National Team
  9.  Tara van Dijk
    • Lecturer Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands
  10. Joris Deelen
    • Postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, Germany

Indonesian participants:

  1.  Irene W.N. Sugiharto
    • Independent HR Consultant specializing in Competency Development and Assessment
    • Collaborating in partnership to establish ISP Consulting in partnership with The University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom for Lumina Learning product
  2. Anindita Sitepu
    • Program Director at Center for Indonesia’s Strategic Development Initiatives (CISDI), Jakarta
  3.  Eric Sumartono Darmanto
    • Senior Advisor, Deputy III – Strategic Economic Issues Management, Executive Office of the President, Republic of Indonesia. His portfolio includes Economics Diplomacy, Business Economics, Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding Indonesia.  
  4. Lisa Esti Puji Hartanti
    • Lecturer at School of Communication, Atma Jaya Catholic University
  5. Patrick Kalona
    • Director at Phytochemindo Reksa, Bogor, West Java
  6. Sylvester Wali
    • Business Development & Marketing Director and International Liaison Partner at BDO Indonesia
  7. Kevin Kristian Rustandi
    • Assistant Lecturere at Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Atma Jaya Catholic University, Jakarta
  8. Yohanes I Wayan Marianta
    • Catholic Priest
    • Lecturer at Widya Sasana College of Philosophy and Theology, Malang
    • PhD candidate at Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia, Jakarta
  9.  Indira Permanasari
    • Editor in Feature Desk  at KOMPAS daily  (print media/newspaper), Jakarta
  10. I.G.M. Wibawa Jati Kusuma
    • Head of Business Transformation & Sales – Public Sector, Philip Indonesia, Jakarta