Ferdian Suprata: “Building a connection between two countries”

2017-03-24 - Ferdian Suprata - Frans Seda Foundation Seminar - 1It was back in 2015, when I heard that there would be a special event from 9th –13th June 2015 where young Indonesian leaders and young Dutch leaders would gather and discuss together on how to develop and to tighten the relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Historically the two countries share a special relationship in many aspects. Thanks to the committee and recommendation from my friend, Rennie Roos, I had the chance to join this special event which is aimed to share knowledge and to create opportunities.

Inspired by Frans Seda as a “Man of all seasons” I joined the seminar. During a one week intense program I was encouraged to share ideas and to become friends with all participants from Indonesia and the Netherlands. Inspirational, Meaningful, and Challenging are words that describe my experience. Through intense discussions with participants from various backgrounds including public policy makers, practitioners, academician, and entrepreneurs the program ran interestingly. Debating and arguing with people who have different oppinions was of course inevitable. 2017-03-24 - Ferdian Suprata - Frans Seda Foundation Seminar - 2Placed in the Novotel in Bogor with a comfort and lushness atmosphere surrounded by a fascinating setting amidst high trees and dense foliage made it easier for me to get some inspirational ideas for a concrete project called World Education which was shared at the end of the program.

Being a part of this program, made me believe that the Dutch and Indonesians are sharing the same global challenges in various themes including Climate Change, Humanity, Peace and Conflict, Status of women, Education and Learning, Health issues, and Science & Technology. By only working together we will be able to create sustainable solutions.

Hopefully this special event will continue to produce True Leaders in both countries and create more and better frienships between Indonesia and the Netherlands!

Ferdian Suprata