Frans Seda Seminar 2016: Day 4

Frans Seda Foundation - Seminar 2016 - 6Again a beautiful day, that started grey   but the sky opened up after 11.00.

We visited the Dutch Water Platform (NWP) across the street of the hotel. Anne Kleene shared with us the essence of the cooperation platform of the Netherlands Water Platform. As a country located below sea level, the Dutch need a terrific water system to prevent flood. She explained about how NWP became a critical partner in Netherland’s water regulation. So, the NWP brings together the right parties for cooperation on bigger projects. They connect parties, seize opportunities, organize network events, etc..

NWP build a partnership with other countries in the world to help to regulate and maintain their water systems. Johan Helmer shared with us the history of the water problems experienced in Semarang, especially in the Banger area. Their problem was not only flood from increasing rainfall coming into the city via the rivers, but also because ‘rob’: tides coming from sea into the land.

In the old days drainage systems were build, but they were not maintained well enough and are not sufficient for the combined obstacles due to the number of people living in Semarang, the decreasing land level, the cluttering of garbage in the rivers and the insufficiently maintained pumping systems. The waterboard of the ‘Hoogheemraadschap Schiedam en Kadijken’ designed a solution but due to the many layers of government, the rule that a designer cannot be involved in an execution of a project, and their lack of knowledge of the Indonesian customs to first build relations and develop trust and then start working, it took them 7 years before they were getting on the right track. In November 2016 the polder will officially be opened. Governments have approved about the details of that project.

Frans Seda Foundation - Seminar 2016 - 8We discussed there if and how we would continue with the ideas of the previous day. Saskia shared her preparations with the group and we made 2 groups for 2 projects: one for the Frans Seda project- content and process, and the Flagship project: content and process as well. The participants made their own choice for the group. About the history, actually has discussed on 2nd day, but in this day it must be made into presentation. For Frans Seda Foundation exposure, it should be systematic and ready to be implemented for next year seminar, to reach sustainability. All of this discussion will be presented on Friday morning, before this seminar ended. Then we went for pancakes and ‘offertjes’ on the Malie-field: a lovely stroll in beautiful weather.

Once back in the hotel Patrick shared his video on the meaning and understanding of his company. Not only on a product base but also on a personal base. In a very visual way we understood that his company stands for connection with all employees and the products on a daily basis. Working together creates a family bond, just as good as a blood bond.

The 2 groups divided and started to work on their tasks. The understanding for the both cultures fell in its place and a synergy was created. We learned then that truly knowing and understanding the perception of our counter participants worked tremendously well to cooperate. The groups first presented their progress amongst themselves. Then both parties finalized their presentations and presented for each other and gathered suggestions for improvement.

We concluded the day with the very inspiring video presentation of Irene about the weekend education for young kids, that is completely in line with the values of Frans Seda to improve the position of the less fortunate. We concluded the day with a social dinner and some drinks at the ‘Plein’, in the centre of Den Haag.