Here we are. It’s the final day of the seminar in 2017, and all the presentations were done wonderfully. And now it’s time to the Board of Frans Seda Foundation to decide who would receive the initial funding from the foundation. After many moments of considerations and evaluation, the Board decided to give the initial funding to Team Talent Development and Job Creation. Congratulations guys!


The most interesting part in this seminar is that we somehow work in unison, regardless what topic or focus we were given. And we do realize that however different we may be, we are in this together. Closing remarks were done by Pak Dolf and Pak Steve, and it is hoped that all the alumni would find a mean to communicate and to meet, both offline and online.

What we realized in this seminar, though, is that we grew things beyond becoming mere team members. The six days of practically non-stop (and intense, of course) activities, focus group discussions, and arguments have played important parts in developing the strong emotional bonds in one another. We have realized that we are now more than just team… we are a family now!

This event surely have made everyone to take a step, if not a leap, further toward becoming global citizen.

And in the end, we would like to thank the late Pak Frans Seda, whose name this foundation came from, for his legacy and vision which have brought the many hearts from both countries to blend in one vision: Global Citizenship!