Haryani Primanti: The Netherlands was amazing!

I still remember clearly how happy I was when I was told by one of my university staff that I was awarded a Twin Scholarship from Frans Seda Foundation, after a long assessment process at Universitas Indonesia. I always wanted to go abroad and gain new perspectives but I have never got the opportunity to do so, thus for me, being an exchange student for three months is like a dream come true.

I was sent to Tilburg University to learn more about my thesis and conduct my research there. I was introduced to professors and lecturers who are all experts in their own fields, to help and supervise my research while I was in the Netherlands. They all have helped me a lot and given me valuable input for my research. Even until now, I am still in contact and in a good relationship with all of them.

My overall experience in Netherlands was amazing! Not only did I get the chance to gain insights for my research from the Netherlands people, the three months experience also changed my perspectives on so many things.

I have met new friends, learnt new culture, discovered more about myself. I have gained many valuable lessons that I could not get if I hadn’t got the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and culture.

Many thanks to Frans Seda Foundation for giving me chances to experience new culture, new tastes, new perspectives! I came back a different person, in a better kind of way.