Ayo Semangat: Dutch Fellows prepared for cross-cultural experience in Indonesia!

On Saturday, 16th of February, the Frans Seda Foundation welcomed Twin Scholarship students and Innovation Lab fellows to a pre-departure meeting in Rotterdam. In April, eight Fellows from the Netherlands will depart for Indonesia to join the FSF Innovation Lab in Jakarta, Cirebon & Linggarjati. During the Innovation Lab, the Dutch fellows will join the Indonesian fellows to work on the development of four nonprofit organisations.

Melissa van der Meijden preparing the 2019 Twin Scholarship recipients

Twin Scholarship

A special preparation session was conducted for the 2019 Twin Scholarship recipients from Tilburg University. As with previous Twin Scholarship recipients, they will visit Indonesia to conduct their master research at host universities Unika Atma Jaya and Universitas Indonesia. Melissa van der Meijden, 2018 Twin Scholarship recipient, shared her experiences in Indonesia and offered the new batch of students’ advice on conducting their research in Indonesia.

Connecting our Fellows and NPOs in Indonesia via a live video feed

Innovation Lab

Shortly after the Twin Scholarship preparation session, the FSF Innovation Lab fellows joined the students for the afternoon session.

The FSF Innovation Lab is aimed to contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, by offering nonprofits and social enterprises access to the strategic professional support they need to become more efficient, effective and sustainable. A group of talented young Dutch and Indonesian leaders have been selected to co-create solutions that will widen the impact of the nonprofits through a one-week Innovation Lab in Indonesia.

Jaap van Gent, member of the Board of Trustees, and Oscar de Grave from the Board of Directors opened the session by explaining the origins of the Foundation, and the reason for continuing to honour the legacy of the late Frans Seda. According to Jaap van Gent: “The foundation’s namegiver, Frans Seda was a bridgebuilder who inspired us to create programmes with which we hope to achieve an improvement of education, health and welfare for vulnerable groups and also to contribute for a better relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands”.

The session was followed by a live video feed of the selected nonprofit organisations, to better acquaint the Fellows with the organisations they will work with. The four nonprofit organisations that have been selected are spread throughout Indonesia and are: The Leader, Project Child, Yayasan Ksatria Medika Airlangga & Kitong Bisa.

Ibu Joty ter Kulve with a painting by Ferlin Yoswara that portrays the Suramadu bridge connecting Indonesia and the Netherlands

Return to Linggarjati

Part of this year’s Innovation Lab will take place in Linggarjati, a historical place for Indonesia-Netherlands relations.  In 1946, representatives from Indonesia and the Netherlands for the first time sat together to talk about future relations. Ibu Joty ter Kulve, whose house was the historical location where the Linggarjati Agreement took place, was present to share her personal memories about Linggarjati and the house she grew up with.

The Frans Seda Foundation’s overarching goal is to build bridges. Bridges between different cultures, religions and nationalities, just as the late Frans Seda did during his lifetime. By revisiting Linggarjati, the Foundation hopes to bridge an understanding that connects the past to the future. On May 1st, the Innovation Lab Fellows will visit the Linggarjati Museum, initiate meaningful discussions, and will create a joined statement on Indonesia-Netherlands relations.

Dimple Sokartara on cultural differences and what to expect in Indonesia

What to expect in Indonesia

For some of the Dutch Fellows, it will be a first time visiting and working together with Indonesians. For that reason we asked Dimple Sokartara who joined the Frans Seda Seminar in Yogyakarta two years ago, to give some insights in the Indonesian culture, and how her experience was during the cross-cultural Seminar. Natascha Abdoel, one of the Dutch Fellows mentioned the following: “The day was very inspiring and gave me a lot of energy. I learned more about Linggarjati and the purpose of our visit to Indonesia. I am looking forward to a great experience with motivated and enthusiastic people, to help the nonprofit organisations in Indonesia””. After a lively session with Dimple, the day ended with a small drink and excitement all around.

We would like to thank Ferlin Yoswara for hosting us at CIC Rotterdam and Melissa van der Meijden, Joty ter Kulve and Dimple Sokartara for helping us prepare the 2019 Innovation Lab Fellows and Twin Scholarship students. Terima kasih!

On Saturday February 23rd we will continue the preparations for the Innovation Lab and Twin Scholarship program by inviting all Indonesian Fellows for a preparation meeting at Unika Atma Jaya in Jakarta.