Prof. Beck prepares Dutch leaders for 2017 FSF Seminar in Yogyakarta

2017 Frans Seda Foundation Seminar - 2nd meeting - Rotterdam - Prof. Beck - 3On Saturday 17 June, 10 Young Dutch leaders gathered in Rotterdam for the second preparation meeting of the 2017 FSF seminar on Global Citizenship which will be held in July in Yogyakarta. Annually, the Frans Seda Foundation organizes a multi day seminar for inspiring young people from Indonesia and the Netherlands. The seminar consists of a six-day program filled with inspiring sessions, constructive dialogues and social activities. The aim of the seminar is to enhance dialogue between Indonesian and Dutch participants while building bridges between the two countries in academia, the public and private sector.

2017 Frans Seda Foundation Seminar - 2nd meeting - Rotterdam - Prof. Beck - 2During the meeting, the participants attended a guest lecture by Prof. dr. Herman Beck about Islam and diversity in Indonesia. The aim of the lecture was to inform the participants about Indonesia and give them insights on what to expect when they will fly to Yogyakarta next month. After the lecture, the participants further discussed the five topics which had been created during the first meeting, namely:

1. Creative Economy
2. Digital Citizenship for Youths
3. Political Populism
4. Shaping personal identity in a global society
5. Talent development & Job creation

The meeting ended with a toast to a successful seminar on the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam.

The Dutch participants will fly to Indonesia on the 22nd of July. Want to know what they will be doing in Indonesia? Like us on Facebook and receive live updates during the seminar.