Are you a Dutch or Indonesian educator?

The Frans Seda Foundation is looking for Dutch and Indonesian educators across the spectrum of educational levels—from primary school to university. Are you a teacher, lecturer, or professor? If yes, then we need your input!

During these challenging times, we at the Frans Seda Foundation believe that it is vital to continue to build bridges between countries and their citizens. Therefore, we strive to identify the challenges Dutch and Indonesian educators are currently facing in the process of teaching and learning under these out-of-ordinary circumstances. Based on your valuable input, we intend to organise a sharing session wherein Dutch and Indonesian education professionals can share their best practices. In doing so, we hope to provide support and encouragement to Dutch and Indonesian educators tasked with the stressful and arduous duty of teaching future leaders via online methods from home.

We want to thank you in advance for participating in this online survey, and we look forward to connecting you with your Dutch and Indonesian fellow educators. You can respond to this questionnaire until June 26th via the following link: