Batik & Ikat in the spotlight!

On Saturday June 13th, the Indo Business Club (IBC) and the Indonesia Nederland Youth Society (INYS) proudly presented: Lara Peeters, The inspiring Batik & Ikat entrepreneur behind the brand LARAS!

Lara joined the Innovation Lab in 2019 where she shared her passion for Batik & Ikat with other Fellows. Fellows who were not lucky enough to attend her Passion Talk in Cirebon were invited to join the webinar from INYS & IBC.

During the one hour webinar, Lara was interviewed by Nike van der Velde from INYS during which she shared her personal story:

“Growing up, I saw a lot of beautiful Indonesian clothes, like my mother’s, for her Javanese dance. Or when we went to family weddings in Indonesia. Our whole house was covered with these beautiful textiles. A few years ago, I started exploring my Indonesian roots and learned more and more about this handmade textile and the artists who make these textiles with so much love and dedication. I even found out that my mother’s grandmother made Indonesian batik. I am so proud that this beautiful art is part of my family history. ”

Lara continued by sharing the differences between Batik & Ikat and explained how both are made in Indonesia.

After explaining the production process, Lara stressed that it is very important to understand that there is a difference between handmade and printed batik. Handmade Batik is real art made by passionate Indonesian artists whereas printed batik is likely to be produced by machines in India.

With the Frans Seda Foundation we aim to build bridges between Indonesia and the Netherlands, therefore we would like to thank INYS & IBC for inviting our Fellows to join this creative webinar that brought both Dutch and Indonesians together to talk about Batik & Ikat!

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