FSF organizes first Alumni Gathering in Jakarta

On Friday July 6th, we invited all FSF alumni and their spouses to join the first FSF Alumni Gathering in Jakarta. Over the past 5 years we have provided scholarships to more than 25 students, organized 4 seminars and several lectures in both Indonesia and the Netherlands. This means that there are now more than a 100 young Dutch and Indonesian FSF Alumni. In Jakarta, we wanted to giveĀ all Frans Seda Fellows the opportunity to (re)connect with old and new friends while introducing the new board of the Foundation.

2018-07-06 - FSF Alumni Gathering Jakarta - 4 2018-07-06 - FSF Alumni Gathering Jakarta - 3During the gathering, Patrick Kalona and Natalina Sangapta gave some insights in their #AkuPengusaha (I am an entrepreneur) project which was created during FSFS17 in Yogyakarta. Next month #AkuPengusaha will start with a pilot project in Indonesia to encourage Indonesian children to become entrepreneurs. In Jakarta, Veronique Hellwig, a master student from Tilburg University on a FSF Twin Scholarship also shared her experiences about conducting her research on managing religious diversity in Indonesia.

We thank Patrick, Natalina & Veronique for their presentations and of course all alumni who attended the event. We hope that you will all stay connected to the FSF family and are looking forward to seeing you all again soon in Indonesia or the Netherlands!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.