Setting a new course

Since 2012 the foundation has developed a great set of signature programs in both Indonesia and The Netherlands, like the twin scholarship, the seminar and the lectures. With over 100 alumni, the Frans Seda Foundation can be proud of what is accomplished since 2012.

But we believe that we should raise the bar. We have learned that our programs could have closer connections to each other and with the programs we have organized in previous years. We believe that there are many opportunities to become more efficient and have even more impact. Besides building bridges, we like to build those bridges to have an impact.

With that ambition in mind we have decided to restructure the foundation and appoint FSFS alumni to join the Board of Directors and promote the existing board members to become Trustees in the newly created Board of Trustees.

Two weeks ago, the new board members of the Frans Seda Foundation came together in Jakarta to meet with alumni, sign MoAs with UI & UAJ, visit the KompasGramedia Group and to discuss the future plans of the Foundation. On Saturday July 7th, the board of directors and trustees of the Frans Seda Foundation locked themselfes up in a conference room of the Santika Hotel in Jakarta to discuss the future plans of the foundation.

The foundation now consist of the following people:

Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees are advisors to the Board of Directors, and ambassadors for the Frans Seda Foundation.

  • Dolf Huijgers –  president
  • Ery Seda
  • Steve Ginting
  • Michael Dua
  • Jaap van Gent

Board of Directors

The board of directors is responsible for the day to day activities.

  • Nindi Sitepu –  president
    • Nindi participated in our Seminar in Den Haag in 2016
  • Oscar de Grave –  vice president
    • Oscar participated in our Seminar in Yogyakara in 2017
  • Naomi Sedney –  treasurer
    • Naomi participated in our Seminar in Bogor in 2015
  • Yosef Djakababa –  secretary
    • Yosef participated in our Seminar in Sint Michielsgestel in 2014


On the picture from left to right: Ery Seda, Yosef Djakababa, Nindi Sitepu, Oscar de Grave & Naomi Sedney during a board meeting in Jakarta.