“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”

It’s the second day in Cirebon for all Fellows. They’re scheduled for several discussions, passion talks, and an Amazing Race game. In the same day, Fellows gained a clearer idea on how to formulate solutions for their cases as they received support and advice from Bu Ery and Pak Steve. It was also a bright day to learn a Cirebon dance! 

In the morning, Bu Ery arrived from Jakarta. Each team had such a great discussion with Bu Ery in how to solve their NPO’s issues. Pak Steve also joined and and gave plenty insight especially in how to tackle the core of most organization’s issue: funding. After having the discussion, teams continued their work session.

In the afternoon, there were four passion talks from inspiring Fellows: Najima, Nadine, Maria and Ari. Najima talked about her experience being a minority in the Netherlands. She often felt underestimated because of her cultural background. Although she faced several rejections, Najima used it as her energy to show the world that she can be a bright lawyer in a reputable law firm. She proved that skin, religion, and background that are often being defined as a difference, couldn’t be used to measure someone’s performance.

Nadine, who’s inspired by Dona Inez during her trip on a mountain in Bolivia, shared her experience and views of female contribution in society. Gender equality somehow creates good countries, relationships, and companies. Research has shown that companies have lower turnover, are happier, and perform better when it’s diverse and equal, and she’s striving for the equality in leadership for women.

Maria shared her experience on how important it is to teach, and to know what children need. Becoming a kindergarten principal has been a surprise for her who didn’t expect this few years ago. But she’s truly grateful of being one, as she believes that the future lies in our children.

Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children” – Walt Disney

Ari as a lecturer shared his perspective of how students are struggling with multitasking. Group task, assignment, presentation, modules, and having part time jobs seemed to overwhelm them managing time, which impacted their mental health and performance. “It’s really important to move from box-ticking education to  a well-being focused education”, he said

In the evening, the Fellows got to learn Tari Topeng Kelana, a traditional mask dance from Cirebon. The dance was energetic yet aggressive, that  symbolize “angkara murka”, or the anger in humans that is sometimes uncontrollable.

To end the day, teams were challenged to partake in an Amazing Race game! They were given clues and went around visiting historical places around Cirebon, and took wefies on each place.

And the winner got, speculaas!

Stanly Saputra, Indonesian Innovation Lab Fellow