Young Dutch and Indonesian Leaders visit Linggarjati to sign Joint Declaration on Future Indonesian-Dutch Relations

Yesterday, the Fellows were visiting and working in Linggarjati, Kuningan. We departed at 9 in the morning and arrived at 10 am at Aula Linggarjati. The representative of the Kuningan regency gave an opening remark and welcomed all the fellows of Frans Seda Foundation.

Then, we watched a documentary titled “Back to Linggarjati”, starring Ms. Joty Ter Kulve, a Dutch who is the founding mother of Indonesia Nederland Society and has close ties with Indonesia by blood and history. The documentary tells about Joty’s experience in Indonesia during the World War II,and when Indonesia was finally independent in 1949. Joty has done numerous valuable contributions bridging the differences between Indonesians and Dutch by talking and listening stories from both sides.

As Linggarjati is an important turning point and a witness of history between the Netherlands and Indonesia, we had a chance to visit the museum and to learn about the history further. It was a great experience, since as an Indonesian we only learned it from our textbook, but never had an idea what Linggarjati looked like. On the other hand, the Dutch never learned and knew about Linggarjati and the history before, hence it is interesting for both sides and we had a great time.

After the Museum visit, the Fellows, divided into four groups, worked together to draft a joint declaration aiming to encourage cooperative and collaborative actions by both government and young leaders in promoting quality education, gender equality, decent work and economic growth, as well as peace, justice and strong institution. As a sign of agreement of the draft, all the Fellows and all the members and Directors of Frans Seda Foundation signed the joint declaration.

As the sun set, we went to have dinner at a restaurant called “Golden View”, where unfortunately it was raining so hard that we could barely see the beautiful view of Linggarjati. However, we still enjoyed the food and the togetherness.

The day was ended nicely by having a discussion with Peter Ter Kulve, the Chief Digital and Growth Officer at Unilever who gave insightful inputs and recommendations for each project team.

Olivia Herlinda, Indonesian Innovation Lab Fellow