Making an impact!

The final day on which the Frans Seda Fellows would present the outcome of their hard work, started with a slight change in the programme. Inspired by the Passion Talks throughout the week, where the most personal stories were shared, Rennie decided to share his Passion Talk. A deeply emotional story where the Fellows learned the power that role models can have, especially when you find them near you, in your family or group of friends.

Now the Fellows had only two more worksessions remaining until the final presentation and report would be handed in. The deadline was set at 3:00PM, and all participants gave everything until the last minute to provide the best outcomes possible. Groups were split to divide the responsibilities, and the last alignment sessions with the NPO’s took place.

At 03:30PM we drove to the Nana Riverside restaurant where the grand finale would take place in a nice little chapel out in the backyard. Even though the presentations were supposed to last five minutes, the hard and extensive work performed throughout the week required some more time to present. And rightfully so, clearly all teams had taken their task very seriously. Detailed action plans, timelines, organization charts were shared, all to the benefit of the NPO’s. And they were grateful. After each presentation the NPO representatives, either available in the room or via skype, expressed their gratitude. We, as Fellowes of the FSF, sincerely hope that the recommendations given to the NPO’s will be followed to their benefit. In a few cases there will be follow-up between the Fellowes and the NPO’s, and hopefully in the future there may be some feedback on the actual results.

Dinner was served in the chapel, after which a local band played some fancy tunes in the background. While Nindi handed the Certificates of Appreciation to the fellows and the NPO’s, we got a glance of some of the pictures that the Media team had taken throughout the week. Even better, they had already created a movie as well. The result is one of the best souvenirs we could have. A great impression of what we have been through in this week. Thanks!

Oh yes, we were also handed over the Batik cloths that we had produced the evening before. Some may end up in a nice frame on the wall, others probably somewhere deep down in a drawer. I know where mine will end up 😉

Having tried the local Italian icecream, we went back to the hotel in order to celebrate our last night together with plenty of Bintang and some good stories at the poolside. Unfortunately we could not pass on the local wine tasting, however it was still better than the Arak. We were all relieved to end a week of hard work, but sad to realize the end was near before we would return home and say goodbye to one another. One more day to get back to Jakarta and have our final dinner together.

Roel Reijgersberg, Dutch Innovation Lab Fellow