Today is the last day of FSF Innovation Lab and we are finally free from the tight schedules. Relieve? Well, not really! As for the whole week, Rennie always told us what to do, when the snacks would be available, where to eat, etc etc… starting tomorrow, we have to arrange everything by ourselves, seems complicated!

As usual, our last day also started with breakfast, and after that we had free time, most people chose to explore Cirebon and bought Batik, and some others preferred to spend their last moment in the hotel, being interviewed, relax in the restaurant full of food, talked about movies and books, and then took a quick dip in the pool.

We checked out at 11:30 and then went to the train station, the train departed at 13:50, we needed to be on time, no rubbery time, because “the train does not wait for us”.  During the three hours in the train, we again shared informal passion talks with people who sat next to us. It was so nice to share opinion on things that we care about.

We arrived at 15:42 in Jakarta and ready to explore Kota Tua, too bad Charlotte could not join us, she was ill and decided to go straight to the hotel to get some rest. We took a tour bus and some very nice Indonesian fellows tried to be our tour guide, but most of them failed, looked like they need more practice. After arriving in Kota Tua, Roel and Nadine were approached by Indonesian people for a selfie or just for small talks.

We had our farewell dinner at café Batavia, everything was delicious. Around 19:00, we went back to the bus and the dutch fellows were ready to say goodbye to Indonesian fellows as they departed to the airport to catch their flight to Amsterdam.

This week has been so much fun and interesting. The most unpredictable thing in this Innovation Lab is that the people were so open and shared many personal information. It is always nice to know and truly connect with people. Everybody is now looking forward to the reunion because we already miss each other right after we said goodbye. 😉

Irna Susrianti, Indonesian Innovation Lab Fellow