What would Frans Seda do?

On the 6th of June, Fellows from Indonesia and the Netherlands discussed how Frans Seda as a former state-, and business man would (re)act in this health crisis. Highlighting the importance of taking care of public health and understanding the needs of marginalized groups in societies for leading the country out of the crisis.

“Leadership is about willing to take care of matters, also when they were unanticipated. It is about doing things even if we don’t know what the consequences are or will be. Just be responsible of the consequences. You cannot please everyone but you have to make a decision, not based on popularity but based on all information you can get and what is best for society at large”. 

One important thing which could be highlighted during our first online meeting is that priorities shouldn’t have been seen merely from economics, instead it should lie on public health, particularly for marginalised societies.

When we better understand the social positions of these people (and how they perceive the problem), solutions then will become more effective and long-lasting.

We would like to thank Andhika Rutten & Kevin Rustandi for hosting the webinar and all Fellows and speakers for joining us. May the follow up be as constructive as the discussion was!

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